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by enafinejewelry on January 13, 2016

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Racliffe Spotlight

EnA Fine Jewelry is excited and proud to announce that our jewelry is now being sold at Radcliffe Jewelers, a premier fine jewelry and luxury goods store located just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Our relationship with Radcliffe started this past May and we couldn’t be more delighted. They are absolutely a gem to work with — no pun intended — and their sales team is top notch. Radcliffe is truly a well-oiled machine that is organized, detail-oriented, and has an innate understanding of luxury items and quality craftsmanship.

Radcliffe’s professional staff is very happy to work with us and values our refreshing and unique designs. They especially love that we give customers the option to customize each jewelry piece to their own individual preferences.  Associating us with our tagline, designing individuality, they also appreciate that some of the jewelry is reversible, detachable, or can be worn in different ways.

We have a very comprehensive collection of jewelry at Radcliffe Jewelers. If you happen to be traveling in the Baltimore area, stop by and see so for yourself!  Below is a sampling of some of the items that are currently on display:

EnA Fine Jewelry at Radcliffe Jewelers Fall 2013

We will be visiting Radcliffe this November to take part in their annual Holiday Trunk Show.  We can’t wait to formally meet Radcliffe’s customers in person.  The event will be taking place from November 15-17th.  More details to follow.


2012 Holiday Catalogue

by enafinejewelry on December 12, 2012

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 EnA wants to make your holiday shopping experience as simple, timeless, and structured as its designs.

EnA Spine SMALL Necklace AgAu

The holiday season can be overwhelming with tight project deadlines, cooking and entertaining, visits with the in-laws, and endless shopping and to-do lists.  Luckily, EnA made a holiday catalogue — with some of its most sought-after and affordable designs under $500 — to help you effortlessly find special gifts for all of your loved ones.    

Below are three examples of beautiful jewelry pieces from the 2012 Holiday Catalogue:

The sterling silver SPINE Pendant is one of EnA’s signature designs.  The anatomically inspired pendant exudes strength and confidence.  It’s simple, yet intricate design will enhance any outfit.

EnA Silver Spine Pendant

Price: $250

The sterling silver SPHERE Nested Pendant SMALL is an affordable and stylish necklace that your loved one will never want to take off.  It’s one of those everyday pieces that can look great when paired with jeans and a casual shirt, a classically tailored dress, or a business suit.

EnA Silver Sphere Nested Pendant

Price: $145

The sterling silver CLASP Earrings will add some class and sophistication to any earlobe.

EnA Silver Clasp Earring

  Price: $195

Intrigued?  Obsessed?  In Love?  If so, please email inquires@elementsandalloys.com to receive a copy of the catalogue.