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10th Muse Spotlight

When you walk into The Tenth Muse Gallery, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the beautiful items that are perfectly arranged on shelves and in display cases. The owner, Mary Anne Spencer, has a great sense of style and a knack for carefully choosing beautiful works of art and design in a wide variety of mediums that mesh well together.

EnA Fine Jewelry started working with the Tenth Muse Gallery this spring. We are happy to report that customers have really responded well to our jewelry and appreciate our unique designs. On October 18th and 19th we will be debuting an assortment of semi-precious and precious earrings and pendants at a trunk show. Karen Moustafellos, the co-founder of EnA Fine Jewelry, will be present at the event.  She is looking forward to meeting new customers and helping people choose the perfect jewelry item(s).

The Tenth Muse Gallery is located in northern New Jersey in the picturesque fine dining and shopping hub called Maplewood Village. The gallery offers an eclectic mix of fine jewelry and art for the home or office that is handcrafted by over 200 American artists. They also carry a collection of glass, works in metal, wood and ceramics created by renowned artists.

If you happen to be in the northern New Jersey area this weekend, stop by!


WOMEN'S WAY Shop To Empower

EnA Fine Jewelry held a Shop to Empower trunk show in Philadelphia this past Thursday to help support and raise money for the local organization, WOMEN’S WAY. We appreciated all of the supporters and WOMEN’S WAY team members that attended the event and bought jewelry. We would also like to give a special thank you to Elizabeth Ireland, Debasri Ghosh, and Rebecca Gorena for all of their help!

EnA will be donating 15% of our April proceeds to WOMEN’S WAY. If you missed the event, there is still plenty of time left to shop at EnA and show your support. You can view our April 2013 Catalog to see a curated selection of our jewelry. If you would like to see our entire Design Collection, please feel free to email us at inquiries@elementsandalloys.com.


2013 Valentine’s Day Catalog

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Make a loved one feel extra-special this Valentine’s Day with a treasured gift from EnA that will last a lifetime.

EnA Cover Girl: Julie Terrana

We are debuting our EnA Cover Girl campaign in our latest catalog.  We are so happy to feature Julie Terrana and support her charity, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation (CCFA).  You can view her EnA Cover Girl Q&A via our catalog or Cover Girl blog feature.

In honor of Julie, her wonderful cause, and her favorite Sphere pendant necklace, EnA is featuring the Sphere Collection in the 2013 Valentine’s Day Catalog. The remainder of the catalog includes some of our most sought-after and affordable designs.

All Sphere Nested pendants will be 10% off. A portion of our proceeds from our February sales will be donated to CCFA.

To view our catalog, click HERE.  To place an order, please fill out our ORDER FORM.  

EnA is co-hosting a Valentine’s Day Jewelry Sale to benefit CCFA on February 7th from 6-8 pm at Gallery ML.  You will get the opportunity to meet Julie and network with other business professionals.  We hope to see you there!

Eventbrite - EnA Valentine's Day Jewelry Sale to Benefit CCFA


EnA Cover Girl: Julie TerranaWhat is your profession?

I’m a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, Philadelphia and an Event Chair at CCFA.

Please tell us about your charity/organization and why it is so important to you?

My charity is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2009. The CCFA provided me with a network of people who share a similar situation. It has been comforting in knowing that I am not alone with this disease and I am glad to share my experience with others.

The CCFA raises money for research and education. It is important to me that people have a better understanding of the diseases and know what it is like to live with irritable bowel disease (IBD). I hope that by raising money and awareness, a cure may soon be found.

Why do you love EnA Fine Jewelry?

EnA jewelry has the perfect mix of elegant and edgy; its distinct style sets it apart from the rest. EnA’s unique designs are unlike any other jewelry company, so it always creates a conversation. People constantly ask me, “Where did you get that necklace?” I also love that the jewelry can be worn for all occasions.

What is your favorite EnA jewelry piece or collection?

I love the Sphere pendants collection! I find beauty in the simplicity of one sphere. However, I also love that I can add flare and create a new look by layering additional spheres in different metals.

Any other thoughts or information you would like to share?

EnA is a great company — even beyond the jewelry itself. I think it represents a strong, positive, influential woman who likes to stand out from the crowd. I wear my Sphere pendant necklace almost every day and I am so proud to represent a company whose jewelry is as beautiful as the women it represents.

Please click HERE to download a copy of our Valentine’s Day catalog that features Julie. A portion of our proceeds from our February sales will be donated to CCFA.

EnA is co-hosting a Valentine’s Day Jewelry Sale to benefit CCFA on February 7th from 6-8 pm at Gallery ML.  You will get the opportunity to meet Julie and network with other business professionals.  We hope to see you there!

Eventbrite - EnA Valentine's Day Jewelry Sale to Benefit CCFA


Valentine Jewelry Sale

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EnA Valentine's Day 2013 InvitationEnA Fine Jewelry wants to personally invite you to our very special Valentine Jewelry Sale.  The event is being held at the world’s first body art collective, Gallery ML.  The beautiful art space was recently voted as Philadelphia’s best art gallery by Philly Hotlist in 2012.

EnA will be co-hosting the event with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s Event Chair, Julie Terrana. Julie is EnA’s first “Cover Girl” and is featured in our February Valentine’s Day catalog.

The event will be a great networking opportunity for professionals in both the non-profit and for profit sectors.  Please invite any of your friends or family members that you think might be interested.

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact us at enafinejewelry@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Eventbrite - EnA Valentine's Day Jewelry Sale to Benefit CCFA


Instagram of EnA’s Revolve Pendant at a holiday trunk show in Center City, Philadelphia

Happy second day of 2013, everyone!  We hope that you had an enjoyable New Year’s Day and feel energized about tackling 2013.  EnA has a list of goals that it wants to accomplish and some exciting projects lined up.  We plan to work hard at making our dreams come to fruition and can’t wait to get down to business.

In order to plunge into 2013 with a positive outlook, we thought that we would first recollect on two recent private pre-holiday season trunk shows in Pennsylvania (you can can also read about EnA’s successful pre-holiday trunk shows in Chicago and Milwaukee here).  Both trunk shows brought in a great crowd of enthusiastic friends, pre-existing customers, and new guests.  EnA managed to sell quite a bit of merchandise and expand its loyal customer fan base.  We also thoroughly enjoyed watching people try on and interact with our jewelry.  EnA’s jewelry is designed to make people feel special and unique.  Seeing people’s eyes light up over a purchase for themselves or a loved one(s) motivates us to keep doing what we are doing.

The first local trunk show was hosted at a private residence in Center City, Philadelphia.  The beautiful home, which was completely designed and decorated by the hosts and recently filmed for a featured segment on a HGTV show, served as the perfect backdrop for EnA’s jewelry display.  In addition to being talented architects, the hosting duo also are quite crafty in the kitchen.  They made the most amazing hors d’oeuvres and served up refreshing and tasty beverages.  All of the right elements fit into place at this trunk show and there wasn’t a single slow moment at EnA’s display table the entire night!  We are thankful that so many people were able to attend the event and celebrate.


Instagram of a section of the amazing food spread (left) and Instagram of the nut and olive tray (right)


Instagram of a tiled felt display of sterling silver EnA jewelry (left) and  Instagram of EnA’s oxidized sterling silver Sphere Necklace (right)


Instagram of EnA’s stainless steel and sterling silver Champagne Necklace (left) and Instagram of EnA’s sterling silver and 18k gold Spine Necklaces (right)

EnA’s second local trunk show was located in Chestnut Hill and co-hosted with a fellow jewelry designer named J. Rudy Lewis. Mr. Lewis has been working as a metalsmith for over 14 years.  His bold sculptural forms marry ancient tribal archetypes and natural textures.  His jewelry served as a nice compliment to ours and  we were delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with him.

Instagram of EnA’s jewelry display at the holiday trunk show in Chestnut Hill

The live music, refreshments, good company, and a plethora of sales made the event a big success. 15% of the event’s proceeds were donated to the Woodmere Museum.   The museum is housed in a charming old 19th-century stone Victorian mansion in Chestnut Hill.  It is truly a lovely establishment that features art and artists from the Philadelphia region.   We are both so glad that we were able to give our support and a charitable donation.  We hope that it remains a cultural landmark for many more years to come.

Please stay tuned to learn more about EnA’s upcoming events and achievements!


Instagram of EnA’s display at Kneen and Co.’s 2012 Holiday Open House

EnA/Elements and Alloys had a busy, adventurous, and successful pre-holiday season.  EnA is truly thankful to have such a wonderful group of retailers, trunk show hosts, and loyal customers!  Their enthusiasm and support has helped EnA thrive and grow over the years and become what it is today.  There are a lot of exciting things in store for EnA in 2013 – including a brand new website – so stay tuned!

EnA’s co-founder and CEO, Karen Moustafellos, had the pleasure to travel to Milwaukee and Chicago during the pre-holiday season to promote and sell jewelry at two exclusive holiday trunk shows.

The holiday trunk show in Milwaukee was held at a lavish and picturesque private residence.  During her downtime, Karen was able to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) to drink in the beautiful artwork, draw inspiration, and unwind. Since Karen was a successful architect before she co-founded EnA with her husband, she had a deep appreciation for the museum’s famous modern architecture.  The museum’s serene, sleek, and geometric shapes and lines – which were created by the talented architect, Santiago Calatrava – compliment EnA’s design aesthetic.  Perhaps there will be some new designs in 2013 that are inspired by her visit….

Instagram of Milwaukee Holiday Trunk Show Display


Instagram of MAM’s Burke Brise Soleil (left) and Instagram of a hallway at the MAM (right)


Instagram of MAM’s Gothic-like cathedral (left) and Instagram of MAM’s beautiful parking garage (right)

EnA’s jewelry was featured at Kneen and Co.’s annual holiday open house on December 4th.  A portion of the proceeds from the event was donated to the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital.  Kneen and Co. is EnA’s exclusive Chicago retailer and EnA is fortunate to have the opportunity to have its jewelry displayed amongst the showrooms’ elegant, sophisticated, and handcrafted beautiful items year round.

Instagram of EnA’s jewelry tastefully displayed on Kneen and Co.’s porcelain plates and dishes.

EnA also had some wonderful local holiday trunk shows in Pennsylvania.  EnA will fill you in on the details in an upcoming post!

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