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Shades of grey

by enafinejewelry on September 2, 2014

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Perfect transition look from summer into fall with this grey ensemble and our Clasp Earrings…
 Shades of grey



Our Polyvore Fans

by enafinejewelry on June 25, 2014

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We wanted to share with you some of our favorite sets created on Polyvore using EnA Fine Jewelry.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.13.34 PMThis collage, from our friend Jenny, perfectly captures the architectural qualities of EnA.  We love the geometrical pattern of the white dress and how well it pairs with our Spine pendant in sterling silver on a black silk cord as well as the Captivity earrings and sterling silver stackable Revolve and Iris bangles.

Another favorite look is from Janette and it prominently features our agate, gold and diamond tassel pendant.  The chic and mod women in black and white are just the right models for EnA.  This assemblage also combines a mix of metals including the sterling silver Tubetti earrings and the oxidized (blackened) and 18k gold Captivity necklace.  She also chose to feature the striking look of oxidized sterling silver and diamonds with our Plaid bracelet and Clasp pendant.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.41.40 PMWe also really love the creativity of this collage created by Elena.  It features a lot of our 18k gold and semi-precious pieces including garnet, citrine and rutilated quartz, as well as our Nautilus hoop earrings and Sphere drop pendant.  The Clasp earrings in oxidized sterling silver and the Module necklace in oxidized sterling silver, stainless steel and an 18k gold clasp worn by the model, provide a nice complement to the gold pieces.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.14.54 PMThanks Ladies!  We’re so glad that you love EnA.



De Novo: An Established Relationship that Feels Fresh

“De novo” is a Latin expression that means “afresh,” “anew,” and “from the beginning.”  This Latin term aptly describes our relationship with the lovely contemporary fine jewelry gallery named de novo.

de novo is situated in a cutting-edge part of the country that never loses momentum or has a slow season. Located in the heart of downtown Palo Alto, CA, de novo’s overall aesthetic and appeal meshes well with the area’s forward-thinking, innovative, and business savvy surroundings and people. The gallery is modern, sleek, and uncluttered in a way that naturally lures in techies and entrepreneurs possessing an eye for detail, design, and craftsmanship. de novo also has a knack for making many of the artists that they represent shine. Each designer’s collection is so well edited and neatly displayed that even Steve Jobs would be proud. The hand-painted calligraphy signage for each artist is also exquisite.

Karen Moustafellos recently visited de novo to see the store firsthand and present the latest designs to the de novo team. Cherry LeBrun, the owner of de novo, was impressed with EnA’s design evolution and enthusiastic about the new line-up of jewelry that would be showcased in the gallery. Here are some of the highlights from the collection:EnA Retailer's Spotlight: de novo - EnA Jewelry Collection Sampling

We are excited to see how the new items sell over the next couple of months!  If you happen to be in the Bay area, we suggest you visit de novo.  It is truly worth the trip.


2012 Holiday Catalogue

by enafinejewelry on December 12, 2012

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 EnA wants to make your holiday shopping experience as simple, timeless, and structured as its designs.

EnA Spine SMALL Necklace AgAu

The holiday season can be overwhelming with tight project deadlines, cooking and entertaining, visits with the in-laws, and endless shopping and to-do lists.  Luckily, EnA made a holiday catalogue — with some of its most sought-after and affordable designs under $500 — to help you effortlessly find special gifts for all of your loved ones.    

Below are three examples of beautiful jewelry pieces from the 2012 Holiday Catalogue:

The sterling silver SPINE Pendant is one of EnA’s signature designs.  The anatomically inspired pendant exudes strength and confidence.  It’s simple, yet intricate design will enhance any outfit.

EnA Silver Spine Pendant

Price: $250

The sterling silver SPHERE Nested Pendant SMALL is an affordable and stylish necklace that your loved one will never want to take off.  It’s one of those everyday pieces that can look great when paired with jeans and a casual shirt, a classically tailored dress, or a business suit.

EnA Silver Sphere Nested Pendant

Price: $145

The sterling silver CLASP Earrings will add some class and sophistication to any earlobe.

EnA Silver Clasp Earring

  Price: $195

Intrigued?  Obsessed?  In Love?  If so, please email to receive a copy of the catalogue.