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EnA on ABC

by enafinejewelry on April 23, 2015

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Karen Moustafellos was recently interviewed by Alicia Vitarelli of channel 6 ABC about “smart girls’ jewelry.”  See the interview here and learn more about what makes EnA Fine Jewelry unique.

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To Give and To Get

by enafinejewelry on December 12, 2014

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Holiday shopping with EnA Fine Jewelry is easier than ever this season.  Our e-commerce boutique is open 24/7 at  For those of you residing in the Philadelphia area, visit our newest fine jewelry retailer, Marchi. Located at 737 Walnut Street and bordering Jewelers Row,  this gem of a store carries an exquisite collection of EnA Fine Jewelry.


Shoppist interview collage 3Karen Moustafellos, CEO and co-founder of EnA Fine Jewelry, had the privilege of spending the afternoon at Philadelphia Magazine with smart girl Emily Goulet, Lifestyle Editor at Philadelphia Magazine.  Emily gawked, gasped and tried on pieces from the collection.  She also interviewed Karen -see the full article on the Shoppist website of Philadelphia Magazine.





Inspired by a few of our favorite customers, we created these outfits to show you what to wear with your EnA Fine Jewelry.

magazine editor

 The Magazine Editor

Our Captivity Necklace looks stellar with Karl Lagerfeld’s metallic tweed and leather peplum jacket, a black pencil skirt from Burberry, Stella McCartney black sandals and a bright red patent-leather tote by Louis Vuitton.  Below, our sterling silver Cylinder earrings and signature Spine pendant on black silk cord pair perfectly with black and grey.  If you can’t get your hands on Balenciaga’s exquisite and revolutionary charcoal sweater from the runway, we recommend Belstaff as a great alternative.  The flared skirt is by Antonio Berardi.  Corbusier-like sunglasses are MiuMiu and the bright leather satchel is by Saint Laurent.

The Architect

Museum director

The Museum Director

Our simple, geometric Revolve hoop earrings pair perfectly with this bold Missoni color-block knitted dress (above).  This look, and the previous look, is too wintry for the warm weather we are experiencing in Philadelphia but perfect for our fans in Australia and New Zealand (and Colorado!). The black and white outfit (below) looks great with a pop of color achieved by our Helios amethyst and 18k gold earrings and Alexander McQueen emerald green bag.

financial analyst

The Financial Analyst

See our collection entitled “The Professionals” on our Polyvore site for more details and stay tuned for future profiles.

Smart jewelry for smart women.  EnA.


The March issue of JCK Magazine featured an interview with co-founder of EnA Fine Jewelry, Karen Moustafellos.  The following was taken from the magazine:

Most designers—jewelry and otherwise—spend their careers chasing after celebrity red-carpet placement. But Karen Moustafellos of EnA (Elements and Alloys) has other ideas: “I am really hoping our jewelry is worn by Janet Yellen and Marissa Mayer too.” The Federal Reserve chair and Yahoo! CEO, respectively, do seem ideal wearers for what Moustafellos has dubbed “smart girls’ jewelry”—modern, geometric designs she’s been building since 2006 with her fellow former architect husband. “The phrase is a bit cheeky,” admits the Philadelphia-based artist. “But the point is that a lot of our customers are very accomplished, self-confident women in high-profile positions. Customers often tell me they wear their EnA jewelry if they have an important meeting or presentation and need to feel strong and confident. I love that!” Here’s how Moustafellos herself got so smart.

EnA Plaid bracelet in silver with diamonds

Age: 45

Number of years in the biz: Seven

Number of employees you oversee: Six

Family: Husband and two girls, ages 10 and 12

Describe your personal style: Minimal

First piece you ever designed: An oxidized silver, stainless steel, and 18 karat gold link necklace


Custom brooch for the Art Institute

The single piece of jewelry you’re most proud of: A custom brooch for the Art Institute of Chicago given to the amazing Women’s Board. The design was inspired by the formal grand staircase, which had been ­beautifully and thoughtfully restored through their fundraising. They loved the design because it was so meaningful, and I loved working with such a revered institution.

Best advice you ever received: “Ignore the naysayers.”

Worst advice: “Wait until you have achieved prominence in your career before having children.”

First job: Unpaid internship with world-famous architect

EnA blue topaz earrings

How did you get started designing jewelry? My husband and I made a list of all the things we wanted to design more than architecture, and ­jewelry was the only item on both lists.

If you weren’t designing jewelry, what would you be doing? Conducting a children’s orchestra

Jewelry you’re wearing right now: Wedding band, engagement ring, EnA blue topaz cabochon earrings and tassel pendant, and Cartier moonstone ring

Five items on your desk right now: MacBook Pro, mug of tea, architect’s scale, Wall Street Journal clipping, rutilated quartz cabochons

Getty Images
Mat Kearney

Five songs on your playlist: “Hey Mama,” Mat ­Kearney; “Many the Miles,” Sara Bareilles; “Stitched Up,” Herbie Hancock/John Mayer; “Here’s That Rainy Day,” Stan Getz; “Twiggy Twiggy,” Pizzicato Five

Exercise regimen: Yoga until it warms up, then ­running

What did you have for breakfast? Yogurt with ­Grape-Nuts and fruit, unsweetened cranberry juice

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream

Drink (daytime/evening): Unsweetened iced tea and Stella Artois beer on occasion. I am a lightweight!

Getty Images
Audrey Hepburn

How do you unwind? I don’t understand the question. (See above for further explanation. Maybe if I drank more I could answer this question?!)

First website you check every day (not your own!): Kitco for precious metal pricing

Scent: Icelandic Moonflower

Favorite thing to do in Philadelphia: Walking around Old City; the secret gardens and parks [are] amazing.

Book you’re reading: Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Book you’ve been meaning to get to: Steve Jobs

Preferred news source: I’m addicted to Bloomberg Radio and The Wall Street Journal.

Favorite movie: Anything starring Audrey Hepburn or Jimmy Stewart

Who would play you in your life story? People say I look like Elisabeth Moss, so maybe her?

Getty Images
Elisabeth Moss

Personal motto: “Stay focused.”



10th Muse Spotlight

When you walk into The Tenth Muse Gallery, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the beautiful items that are perfectly arranged on shelves and in display cases. The owner, Mary Anne Spencer, has a great sense of style and a knack for carefully choosing beautiful works of art and design in a wide variety of mediums that mesh well together.

EnA Fine Jewelry started working with the Tenth Muse Gallery this spring. We are happy to report that customers have really responded well to our jewelry and appreciate our unique designs. On October 18th and 19th we will be debuting an assortment of semi-precious and precious earrings and pendants at a trunk show. Karen Moustafellos, the co-founder of EnA Fine Jewelry, will be present at the event.  She is looking forward to meeting new customers and helping people choose the perfect jewelry item(s).

The Tenth Muse Gallery is located in northern New Jersey in the picturesque fine dining and shopping hub called Maplewood Village. The gallery offers an eclectic mix of fine jewelry and art for the home or office that is handcrafted by over 200 American artists. They also carry a collection of glass, works in metal, wood and ceramics created by renowned artists.

If you happen to be in the northern New Jersey area this weekend, stop by!


Racliffe Spotlight

EnA Fine Jewelry is excited and proud to announce that our jewelry is now being sold at Radcliffe Jewelers, a premier fine jewelry and luxury goods store located just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Our relationship with Radcliffe started this past May and we couldn’t be more delighted. They are absolutely a gem to work with — no pun intended — and their sales team is top notch. Radcliffe is truly a well-oiled machine that is organized, detail-oriented, and has an innate understanding of luxury items and quality craftsmanship.

Radcliffe’s professional staff is very happy to work with us and values our refreshing and unique designs. They especially love that we give customers the option to customize each jewelry piece to their own individual preferences.  Associating us with our tagline, designing individuality, they also appreciate that some of the jewelry is reversible, detachable, or can be worn in different ways.

We have a very comprehensive collection of jewelry at Radcliffe Jewelers. If you happen to be traveling in the Baltimore area, stop by and see so for yourself!  Below is a sampling of some of the items that are currently on display:

EnA Fine Jewelry at Radcliffe Jewelers Fall 2013

We will be visiting Radcliffe this November to take part in their annual Holiday Trunk Show.  We can’t wait to formally meet Radcliffe’s customers in person.  The event will be taking place from November 15-17th.  More details to follow.


EnA SPINE Multi-Strand Necklace

The SPINE is considered to be one of EnA’s defining signature designs. It’s simple and elegant pattern truly epitomizes EnA’s classic yet contemporary style.  The collection’s pendant and earring series have always been a customer favorite.

Several months ago, EnA Fine Jewelry decided to highlight the SPINE and create a new statement piece called the SPINE Multi-Strand Necklace. The necklace’s two bold SPINE stations and draped chain create an effortless chic look that adds character to any outfit.  The design has quickly become one of EnA’s best sellers.  Retailers around the country can’t seem to keep them in the store!

Below is a selection of some of EnA’s other best selling SPINE pieces.  Although they are slightly jealous of the SPINE Multi-Strand Necklace’s recent attention, they are happy to welcome the new necklace into their family.

Spine Collection Feature


De Novo: An Established Relationship that Feels Fresh

“De novo” is a Latin expression that means “afresh,” “anew,” and “from the beginning.”  This Latin term aptly describes our relationship with the lovely contemporary fine jewelry gallery named de novo.

de novo is situated in a cutting-edge part of the country that never loses momentum or has a slow season. Located in the heart of downtown Palo Alto, CA, de novo’s overall aesthetic and appeal meshes well with the area’s forward-thinking, innovative, and business savvy surroundings and people. The gallery is modern, sleek, and uncluttered in a way that naturally lures in techies and entrepreneurs possessing an eye for detail, design, and craftsmanship. de novo also has a knack for making many of the artists that they represent shine. Each designer’s collection is so well edited and neatly displayed that even Steve Jobs would be proud. The hand-painted calligraphy signage for each artist is also exquisite.

Karen Moustafellos recently visited de novo to see the store firsthand and present the latest designs to the de novo team. Cherry LeBrun, the owner of de novo, was impressed with EnA’s design evolution and enthusiastic about the new line-up of jewelry that would be showcased in the gallery. Here are some of the highlights from the collection:EnA Retailer's Spotlight: de novo - EnA Jewelry Collection Sampling

We are excited to see how the new items sell over the next couple of months!  If you happen to be in the Bay area, we suggest you visit de novo.  It is truly worth the trip.


Henne + EnA Fine Jewelry: A Winning Combination

From time to time, EnA Fine Jewelry will feature different retailers that we work with across the United States and the Caribbean.  We are so happy to highlight a company in EnA’s own home state of Pennsylvania.

Henne Jewelers is a premier fine jewelry company that has been in business for over 125 years.  The polished and elegant store is located in Shadyside, a vibrant neighborhood in the East End section of Pittsburgh.  Their consistent attention to detail, superb customer service, and great taste in design has allowed them to earn many prestigious national and regional awards and accolades over the years.  Because they are an enduring family owned fourth generation business, they have a dedicated customer base that also spans several generations.  Henne also has a knack for attracting new customers by staying relevant and adaptable to the changing times.  They are very savvy when it comes to marketing and have a wonderful print and online presence.

EnA Fine Jewelry feels very fortunate to have our jewelry showcased at Henne Jewelers.  Our timeless, refined, yet slightly edgy jewelry seems to mesh well with the store’s aesthetic.  We hope to continue to have a wonderful business relationship with Henne and build a devoted group of customers in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.