Red Paw Special Edition Pendants

by enafinejewelry on August 9, 2013

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In honor of Red Paw, we have released two special edition pendants for the month of August. Our popular sterling silver SPINE Pendant and CLASP Pendant have been strung up on a red suede cord to celebrate Red Paw’s mascot color.  Dressed up or down, these pendants will add flair and panache to any outfit. The pendants’ bold and vibrant cord will also marry well with fall and winter’s jeweled toned and dark colored clothing palettes.

EnA Fine Jewelry's August 2013 Red Paw Special Edition Pendants

Like what you see or hungry for more? We have plenty of other stylish pieces featured in our August 2013 Catalog.  Jen Leary, the founder and fearless female leader of Red Paw, and DeeDee, Red Paw’s Ambassador Dog, are our EnA Cover Girls.  We are donating 15% of our catalog sales to Red Paw during the month of August. Please shop to support this wonderful local organization.

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