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by enafinejewelry on August 5, 2013

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Mango is excited about EnA's Square Marketplace page.

Meet our Marketing Administrator’s cat, Mango.  He was so enthusiastic about our August 2013 catalog (he’s a big fan of Red Paw) and new easy online ordering option that he swooned with excitement. When he’s not napping, he can be quite dramatic.

Mango swooning over EnA's Square Marketplace page.

All of the items currently listed in our August 2013 Catalog, which features Red Paw founder, Jen Leary, and Red Paw Ambassador Dog, DeeDee, can be quickly and easily purchased online at Square Marketplace. (Please note, any item purchased on Square Marketplace will arrive in Red Paw Gift Wrap.  Email us at if you would like a personalized note included with your purchase or have any questions or concerns about your order.)

If you would like a more customized personal experience, choice of gift wrap, and a personalized note included with your purchase, please use our online ORDER FORM.  EnA Fine Jewelry will send you a confirmation email and invoice within 24 hours after you submit your order form.  An EnA representative will also contact you via phone to securely complete the transaction.

15% of all catalog sales during the month of August will be donated to Red Paw!  Please help support this wonderful organization so that they can keep saving adorable and beloved displaced pets in the Philadelphia region that were victims of house fires and other disasters.

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