EnA’s SPINE Collection Best Sellers

by enafinejewelry on August 15, 2013

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EnA SPINE Multi-Strand Necklace

The SPINE is considered to be one of EnA’s defining signature designs. It’s simple and elegant pattern truly epitomizes EnA’s classic yet contemporary style.  The collection’s pendant and earring series have always been a customer favorite.

Several months ago, EnA Fine Jewelry decided to highlight the SPINE and create a new statement piece called the SPINE Multi-Strand Necklace. The necklace’s two bold SPINE stations and draped chain create an effortless chic look that adds character to any outfit.  The design has quickly become one of EnA’s best sellers.  Retailers around the country can’t seem to keep them in the store!

Below is a selection of some of EnA’s other best selling SPINE pieces.  Although they are slightly jealous of the SPINE Multi-Strand Necklace’s recent attention, they are happy to welcome the new necklace into their family.

Spine Collection Feature

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